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About Us


Learn about our people, process, and pricing. If you need more information, check out our FAQ!


How is Dash Maids Different?

We start with quality people.

I personally screen, interview, and train every employee of Dash Maids. I pay our techs more than other services, offer business skills training, and coach leadership skills. This means I get the most experienced, personable cleaners that are happy to be here. That means low turnover for me and great, consistent results for you!

Our focus is delivering value.

No matter how a cleaning service explains their services or pricing, you’re buying time. You want your home cleaned and maintained just the way you love it for a fair price. My goal is to get it to that condition and keep it that was in as little time as possible. That’s VALUE. We work together to tailor our service to your expectations and budget!

“We do everything we can to make sure our cleaning service is the best and most consistent in St. Louis, but nobody can be perfect 100% of the time. If something goes wrong and we fail to meet your expectations, my team will be 100% honest and I’ll make it right. That’s a promise.” – Scott, Owner

Are you ready to have your home professionally cleaned?

Getting Started with Dash Maids

Tell us about your home!

Fill out our online booking form or give us a call! Once we learn about your home, family, and priorities, we can give you an instant estimate and schedule service.

Enjoy your first booking!

Our team of cleaning professionals will arrive at your home as scheduled, bringing their own equipment and supplies. You can give them a tour or just leave a key!

Share feedback!

We’ll do our best to deliver the clean you want in the time we estimated. If you prefer less detail for lower cost or vice versa on your next visit, we can adjust until we get it perfect for you!

Pay Securely!

After the first service appointment and the feedback you share after, we’ll give you a quote for recurring service that’s meant just for you! Your payment info will be kept on file securely for next time.

Understanding our Pricing

Hourly Rate

For licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning services in St. Louis, you’ll find hourly rates between $32.50-$55 per labor hour. To ensure quality and reduce turnover, we pay our employees more than other services. This means your home is safer and they accomplish more per hour. Our rate averages $40 per labor hour.

Instant Online Pricing

Our online booking form displays the price based on the average amount of time we spend cleaning for each size of home. Your price may be more or less, but it’s meant to give you a starting point. We keep time logs of all cleaning appointments and can adjust up or down as requested!

Duration of Cleanings

One of the biggest factors in how much you pay for a cleaning service is how long we spend working in your home. You may get a quote of $100 from one service and $250 for another. Be sure to check how many labor hours they dedicate to cleaning your home. Ours will be displayed on the booking form.

Get back your free time. Let us do the dirty work.