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Understand our different cleaning options and what’s included in each.

Standard Cleaning List

Below, you can see the items our teams will take care of on every visit. Of course, we can customize a cleaning routine for your home to fit your exact needs. No matter what, our teams will focus on getting your home into the condition you love as safely and efficiently as possible.

– Showers cleaned and disinfected
– Tile walls cleaned and disinfected
– Baseboards dusted
– Trash removed
– Toilets cleaned and disinfected
– Vanity and sink(s) cleaned
– Floors vacuumed and mopped
– Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and shined
– Rugs vacuumed
– Cobwebs removed
– Individual knickknacks cleaned
– Towels changed (if provided)
– Outside of range hood cleaned
– Baseboards dusted
– Exterior of appliances cleaned and shined
– Floors vacuumed and mopped
– Wipe table and chairs
– Inside microwave cleaned
– Countertops cleaned
– Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
– Drip pans cleaned
– Cobwebs removed
– Individual knickknacks cleaned
– Trash emptied
– Beds made
– Linens changed (if provided)
– Trash emptied
– Flat surfaces cloth dusted
– Readily accessible floors vacuumed
– Mirrors cleaned
– Picture frames dusted
– Windowsills and ledges wiped down
– Individual knickknacks cleaned
– Stairs vacuumed
– Wood and tile floors mopped
– Cobwebs removed
– Baseboards dusted
– Light, general straightening completed

By default, we clean visible and tidy “extra” rooms like offices, sunrooms, dining rooms, sitting areas while cleaning the main living areas.

For finished basements, laundry rooms, closets, pantries, or other areas that may be difficult to find or otherwise non-standard, please mention specifically when making a booking!

Additional Cleaning Types

Deep cleanings are generally performed when we do “one-time” cleanings or begin new monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly cleaning services. They include all items in the “standard cleaning” list, plus the items on the list below. If your home is already tidy and well maintained or you’re moving from a different cleaning service, sometimes we can omit the “deep cleaning.”

Move In/Out cleanings are done in empty, unfurnished homes. Includes all deep cleaning items, plus items listed.

By request are items that we clean only if discussed beforehand, as they vary from house to house too much to accurately quote.

Not included are items that we don’t offer for one of a few different reasons: safety, cross-contamination, different equipment/chemicals required, or potential for damage.

– Clean doors/frames for fingerprints
– Light fixtures dusted and polished
– Ceiling fans dusted and wiped
– Vents dusted
– Doors/frames spot cleaned for fingerprints
– Baseboards hand wiped
– Shower door/grout given extra attention
– Tile/stone given extra attention
– Tile grout scrubbed
– Toilet hinges, underside, hard water scrubbed
– Outside of cabinets washed
– Clean under beds/furniture
– Carpet edges, under area rugs vacuumed
– Inside refrigerator
– Inside oven
– Inside kitchen cabinets
– Inside closets
– Inside vanity
– Inside refrigerator
– Inside oven
– Interior windows
– Hand wipe blinds
– Clean finished basement
– Wall washing
– Jet cleaning tile/stone
– Wet carpet cleaning
– Upholstery cleaning
– Wiping breakable “mini-blinds”
– Moving/scooting heavy furniture
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