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Instant Price Tool

Get a price for your home cleaning service and make a booking in under 60 seconds!

Understanding your Price

The instant pricing tool creates an estimate based on the time required to clean a home for each situation. Enter your estimated square footage, number of bathrooms, and frequency, then you’ll see the starting price!

For one-time cleans, we charge on an hourly basis, but the tool provides an estimate for cost and time required.

There are additional charges for the first booking for a new customer. If your home has been professionally cleaned in the last 90 days, it will be a small charge for the “initial cleaning.” If it’s been over 90 days since your last professional cleaning, we usually require a “deep cleaning.” 

Of course, all cleanings are customizable! If you have questions or want to make adjustments, call and ask or make a note in your online booking! To learn more about our pricing, visit our About Us page.